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Astrid Sector Alpha is an online community based primarily on Second Life with a great focus on artists, creators and writers. The group's goal is to incentive and promote content among its members and foment creative work through the safekeeping of a reliable sharing environment. The group has been growing steadily and now has well over 75 members and 16 officers and associate contributors.

ASA's Mission Statement Edit

Astrid Sector Alpha promotes and safeguards both the freedom of creativity for the associated individuals and seeks to provide, at the best of the group's capabilities, a favorable, safe and resilient environment for the production of projects, works, ideas, initiatives. The group thrives as the individual thrives is a mindset upheld by standard. Equally, by its own nature, ASA has grown as a circle of friends which welcomes people from all walks of life and points of view.

Problems addressed by the group Edit

The group's initiative stems from the fact that, whereas Second Life is a great platform of creation, the creator's main challenge within SL is to find a place where their work can both develop safely and meet continuous interaction with different content creators in an environment that values their space as individuals.

ASA Method Edit

The group is formed by an objective principle of function, hence it doesn't go by a theme but that which each individual brings to the table. The ASA member makes their own theme through their work, and ASA as a whole has the purpose of providing the environment. This method allows multiple members to co-exist and form such environment.

ASA Land Edit

Parcel overview

An overview of the ASA parcel.

The ASA land consists of a quarter full sim, having 4004 prims to its disposition. The ground level is where its members meet most often, although there is an array of different levels dedicated for building, and also suspended islands often used for celebrations. The ASA land is also home to many hidden little secrets so it's worth taking your time to look around should you get the chance to.

Associated Groups Edit

The Trotsdale Library: join the "My Little Librarians" group to get all notices. This library group sends notices for readings in several networked sims as well as for the Raglanshire library which recently joined the library network.

Arashiryuu Yashiro: the functional Shinto Shrine next door

The Nisean Reams: A pony, feral, and anthro friendly group of roleplayers. Currently the sims of Exmoor, Nisa, and Ibex Empire are down on haitus. However there are two parcels playing host for roleplayers still active in the Nisa/Ibex stories.

Projects Edit

ASA's main project is to be itself a place that promotes individual growth and mutual accompaniment to its members by a whole. To aid in such, ASA seeks to offer its members an array of resources beyond the land space and community.

Saturday Night Readings Edit


The Saturday Night Readings logo, by Jäger

A Project Catfort initiative - As the name suggests, Saturday Night Readings, SNR for short, is all about reading things over SL Voice. Books about fiction and mythology are common, in addition to works written by members and anyone who drops in.

It is common for members, in such event, to bring their own original content as the event incentives both the practice of dramatic reading and creative writing. Those who read from books they love, then, have an opportunity to share them and hone their own storytelling - those who write have an opportunity to meet a very direct and personal feedback for their work, and also can contribute to the group's library with their work.

Scheduled time: 6PM SLT, every Saturday night. Location varies but landmarks will always be attached to notices sent out prior to SNR happening.

Amehana is curating recordings of the sessions. These and other curated audio video content for ASA and other projects can be found at If you are looking for just SNR & After Hours content then check here, Be aware that current recording will later be split into the separate sections and put in their own playlists within this section. For the General rated library content for the entire network we participate in, check here,



Afterhours Edit


The Afterhours Logo, by Jäger

Afterhours can hardly be explained without violating Wikia rules. What can be explained is that it takes place after each and every Saturday Night Readings and it must be seen to be believed. For Afterhours, the hosts seek and curate ridiculously revolting content from various fonts - mostly from the Internet and books - and perform satirical readings that can easily promote either horror or catharsis. Undoubtedly PG-18 Atrocity Tourism where Jäger plays the recorder.

Humpday Story Hangover Edit

Every Wednesday at 5PM SLT, the highly entertaining reader Zep Dek shows up at ASA to read a variety of stories that he may bring or the members may request. Cherished for his voice acting and flow, Zep brings in a blend of joy, wonder and liqueur right in as an ideal complement for a mid-week happy hour.

The library, focus on the lounge.

Library Edit


The Library, focus on the name and logo drawn and created by Amehana.

The ASA Library is where members can place their original content. Every shelf has a respective theme, and has been scripted to function as an efficient in-world database for those who would like to browse through the work produced by writers associated to the group. Like the Art Gallery, the Library also functions as a hub for letting the news out about upcoming contests and events from other groups and places.

Art Gallery Edit

The ASA Art Gallery is a place where members can exhibit their visual media artwork, allowing them a new front of exposition consolidated with an environment that seeks to be a more intimate experience than just browsing through pictures. The Gallery presents a wide array of themes and styles which directly reflects the diversity intrinsic to the group's members. The Gallery's content is curated with care so to remain safe, and fair.

The Art Gallery also functions as a hub and newsletter for different events pertaining visual arts and endeavors, including the photo contests.

Bb 007

A Haiku Workshop session in ASA's amphitheater.

Haiku Workshop Edit

Amehana was kind enough to give a nine week long seminar on the art of Haiku with aid from the book "Seeds from a Birch Tree" where members were encouraged to write their own Haiku and share them with the group. Lively discussion of Haiku was also a feature. The whole duration of the workshop can be found on Amehana's youtube channel.

Haiku Exhibit Edit

Located underneath the gallery, this is a special exhibit curated by Jager that was developed out the Haiku written during the span of the Haiku Workshop.

Stories that Fly Writing Workshop Edit


Amehana hosts weekly writing workshops at various locations in the networked libraries cooperating with ASA. LMs are sent with each notice for each session, both in the ASA group and My Little Librarians group, as well as other networked groups. This series of workshops will be a set of 30, and also can be found on Amehana's Youtube channel. These are hosted every Friday at 6 PM SLT/Pacific Time, unless something gets in the way. Both writing from the provided prompts and discussion based around the chosen reading from Gail Levine's "Writing Magic: Creating Stories that Fly" is encouraged. The goal is to help participants hone their storywriting and to gain confidence in their own voice.

Photo Contests Edit

These contests are hosted by Project Catfort and are usually cross sim partnering with Nisa and Trostdale. Typically based one seasonal themes they run for a month and have prizes for 1st-3rd place along with a runner up prize and a prize for the funniest entry.

Writing Contests Edit

ASA also takes part in cross-group writing competitions networked through the Trotsdale Library.

Current contest: Spring 2016

"We're still collecting entries for the spring contest here in the Trotsdale Library. Come to the library and drop them in the scroll on the table. The prize is currently up to $L 12,029 (that's no typo, near $40US) for one lucky winner. But to have a chance at that prize you have to participate! Drop your notecarded entries into the scrolls at either the Trotsdale library or the collection point at the ASA Welcome Center. Full rules available in both locations in the inkpot."

Prompt: It is a beautiful spring day. You're having a picnic. Suddenly this big crystal egg lands in the potato salad! What happens next?

Any writing is welcome for this contest, whether it's a story, limerick, tanka, essay... write the way that you are most comfortable.

Due: MAY 30, 2016

Project Incentive Programs Edit

Seminar - Individuals, Ideas, Initiatives Edit


A Seminar given twice by Jäger, founder of the group, which upholds ASA's principles and mission statement.


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